Ravnikar Gallery Space



Galerijski prostor RAVNIKAR

Levstikova ulica 3 SI-1000, Ljubljana

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Ravnikar Gallery Space or R-Space is a contemporary art gallery located in the very centre of Ljubljana. The R – Space was founded in 2017 by Piera Ravnikar who actively contributed to the contemporary and urban culture for the past 15 years, engaged in the vigorous initial team of Kino Šiška Centre for Urban Culture and its DobraVaga Gallery.

From the very beginning, R-Space has focused on contemporary, current art production of authors of the (youngest and middle) generation, creating and encouraging the development of active presentation, promotion and distribution of contemporary fine arts, both at home and in the wider international environment.


R-Space offers free mentorships organised jointly with the Centre for Creativity and free artistic residencies under the Rijeka European Capital of Culture 2020 programme. It is also building an online archive of the mapping of young Slovenian art production.

On the basis of this archive, the gallery published the publication Personal Outsides. It is a powerful portrait of the contemporary art scene in Ljubljana, featuring interviews with 18 of Slovenia’s brightest emerging visual artists. Curated by Ravnikar Gallery Space, this book is a celebration of the thriving community built on two things: creativity and the city.

Ravnikar Gallery Space has also created the E61 platform, which connects Slovenian and Croatian art production with European creative centres, in order to strengthen mutual cooperation within the region.