Rdeča ostriga Club

Škofja Loka


Mladinski kulturni center Pri Rdeči Ostrigi

Partizanska cesta 1 4220 , Škofja Loka

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Founded in 1995 by Škofja Loka Students’ Club (Klub škofjeloških študentov, KŠŠ) and located in the town’s old army barracks, Mladinski kulturni center (MKC) Red Oyster (‘Youth Cultural Centre Red Oyster’) presents an ongoing programme of music, theatre, DJ guest appearances, film and video, plus a bar which serves Red Oyster’s trademark Kloštergajster drink. Foreign bands have appeared at the venue since 1997, and in 1998 Red Oyster became recognised as one of the best and most active clubs in Slovenia. The club owns a hall with 80 seats. Red Oyster encourages new bands and organises a variety of cultural workshops. The club runs the OBC electronic music section and the Frnikula Theatre section.