Regional Archives Nova Gorica

Nova Gorica


Pokrajinski arhiv v Novi Gorici (PANG)

Trg Edvarda Kardelja 3 5000, Nova Gorica

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The Regional Archives Nova Gorica, founded in 1972, collects and keeps records and archives of organisations and institutions of local and regional interest. The Regional Archives Nova Gorica incorporates a library with a collection of around 5,100 titles. Exhibition space is also available in the 116 square-metre cellar gallery. The archives recently joined the digital archival information system


The Regional Archives Nova Gorica is the youngest of the six Regional Archives of Slovenia. From 1952 to 1966 it was located within Goriška Museum, and from 1966 to 1972 it was managed by the Municipality of Nova Gorica. In 1987 it moved into new premises, bringing about a considerable improvement in professional standards and facilitating the introduction of a computer programme devised specifically to manage the register and deal with records quickly and easily.


The Regional Archives Nova Gorica performs the following tasks: evaluating documentary material; training staff; working with documentary material; collecting and expert processing public and private archives; manufacturing devices for use of archival documents; making inventories of public and private archives; recording archival material in archives and other institutions at home and abroad; providing technical advice to owners and holders of archives and professional supervised; placing the materials in use; performing research tasks in the field of archival science, history and related sciences, publishing activities.

The Regional Archives Nova Gorica joined the updated archival information system, which interconnects the databases of four Regional archives of Slovenia and the Historical Archives Ljubljana.

Archival records

The remit of the Regional Archives Nova Gorica includes the following state administrative units (territorial divisions other than municipalities used in state governance): Ajdovščina, Nova Gorica, and Tolmin.

The archives house 917 records and collections, corresponding to approximately 2,300 linear metres of material. For each record and collection a guidebook supplies the current number of the record/collection, the name of the record and collection, the date of validity of the material, the quantity of assisting devices for the usage of the material, data related to the institute or office where the material originated, a short survey of the contents of the material and (unless it is exclusively Slovene) the language of the records/collection.

Records are displayed in the following main categories: Public Administration up to 1945 (1947), Public Administration after 1945 (1943), Justice, Economy and Banking, Education and Schooling, Culture and Science, Health and Social Security, Political Parties and Socio-political Organisations, Associations, Land Properties, Personal and Family Records, and Archival Collections.

In order to permit a better orientation through the material, a guidebook (available at the official site of the Archives) contains a table of contents indexing all the records and collections. Each single group of records and collections is accompanied by photographs of the most prominent recorded documents. Photographs of the Regional Archives Nova Gorica building, its premises and staff represent an integral part of the guidebook. Slovene archive-related researches are undertaken in Gorizia, Trieste, Čedad/Cividale, and Rome.


Besides publishing the Guidebook through Archive Collections the Nova Gorica Archives are involved in rich publication activity, which includes monographies, articles, catalogues, and miscellanies.