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Metelkova 6 1000, Ljubljana

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The SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts Project Room is a public space of SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts which hosts lectures, presentations, discussions, consultations, seminars, workshops, artistic events and conversations with protagonists of the art world. These events are organised within the frame of two contemporary art programmes: Studio 6 and No Nails, No Pedestals.

The SCCA-Ljubljana Project Room is also a study and production platform for video production and hosts the World of Art: School for Contemporary Arts programme. It also houses the SCCA-Ljubljana Centre for Contemporary Arts Library and the video archive.


The Studio 6 programme of SCCA-Ljubljana was established 2004. It encourages discussions on contemporary artistic practices, establishes constructive collaboration of different profiles from the art world (artists, curators, critics, theorists), offers space for the presentation of artistic actions and ensures their reflection. For the focus in 2010 Studio 6 chose a long-term collaboration between artist and curator. Interested in the relations between involved parts, which are based on continuous monitoring of artistic practice and as such establish a basic platform of curatorial activity, based on a long-term exchanges (information, opinions, skills …) between both the parts – the artist and curator. In 2010 participating curators were Jurij Krpan, Andrej Medved, and Nevenka Šivavec. In 2009 Božidar Zrinski (curator of the International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana), independent curator and author Petra Kapš and three artists Simon Macuh, Alenka Pirman, and Matej Košir participated.

No Nails, No Pedestals is a programme which runs since 2007 and presents the work of artists working predominantly in the field of contemporary artistic practices (installations, performances, video, interdisciplinary and web projects). The programme encourages the audience to reflect the works and intervene in the discussion and thus add to the level of interpretation of artistic practices with their feedback. In 2010 participating artists were Lena Cobangbang from Philippines, Marko Brecelj, and Dušan Kastelic.