Slovanska Library



Slovanska knjižnica

Einspielerjeva 1 SI-1000 , Ljubljana

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Slovanska Library specialises in the humanities (literary science, linguistics, history, philosophy, art history, ethnology, theology and sociology). It offers a broad range of literature in Slovene and other Slavic languages as well as periodic publications (145,000 items, 3,500 freely accessible). The library supports research and study activities and fosters bibliographical and documentary work as well as development in the information and communication field. It is one of the most popular libraries in Slovenia which specialises in humanities, culture and local studies.

Established in 1946 as the Ljubljana Study Library, the Slovanska Library was initially funded by and accommodated within the City Library (1901) at Turjak Mansion in central Ljubljana. In 2000 the Library was relocated to brand new premises comprising a large reading room, a newspaper reading room, a computer reading room, a department for local documentation and bibliography (housing precious old material about the city of Ljubljana) and a multi-purpose hall. Since 2008 the Slovanska Library comprises one of the branches of the Ljubljana City Library.

The library engages in the exchange of publications with libraries of the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Russia, Bulgaria, and some other Slav countries, as well as with Austria and the United Kingdom.

Slovanska Library organises monthly thematic exhibitions, weekly presentations of new publications, book readings and other events (for example Continuous Reading of Cervantes’s Don Quixote, which was organised in cooperation with the Spanish Embassy). Since 2005 it has also organised the debate evening Philologos with the Logos Cultural Society (KUD Logos).