Triglavska Roža Information Centre



Turistično informacijski center Triglavska roža

Ljubljanska cesta 27 SI-4260, Bled

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Triglavska Roža Information Centre is the main administrative centre of Triglav National Park Public Institute which manages Triglav National Park (TNP), the only national park in Slovenia. The centre provides visitors with basic information on the national park, its natural assets, and cultural heritage. It has an auditorium for approximately 100 people for lectures, conferences, concerts, and plays. Occasionally art and natural history exhibitions are organised in the premises. In the square in front of the centre the Triglav Market of organic produce grown on the farms from the Triglav National Park and its surroundings is often organised, products can be also bought in souvenir shop in the centre. An interactive multimedia presentation of a flight over the TNP can be individually experienced. Every second Wednesday of the month a photo exhibition takes place.