Kolodvorska 9 SI-2270, Ormož

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Based in Ormož, a border town in the eastern Slovenian region of Prlekija, Unterhund is one of the oldest still running rock institutions in Slovenia. It first opened its doors in 1990, when the local youngsters cleaned up the long unused 400 m2 big basement of the Ormož Castle and claimed it as a local rock club and hangout place. It has been given the name Unterhund, a wordplay on the words untergrund (“underground”) and hound. Nowadays, it is sometimes also lovingly called Pes (“Dog”).

Since its humble start, the venue has hosted about 250 bands from over 20 countries and has become the synonym for alternative culture in the region – including the neighbouring Croatian areas, from where sizeable communities of music lovers have been venturing since the start.

Unlike other local clubs on the periphery, Unterhund is primarily a concert venue and only occasionally presents various exhibitions, lectures, theatre plays and dance performances. Instead, numerous local bands like Pridigarji (who have played a crucial role in running the club since its beginning), Wasserdicht, GRB, Noise Order, Kristuši, Golazen, Eden, Crastavci, ŠZB, Polis Korps, Anaeroba and Sarcofuck have developed and rehearsed here.

Music programme

The programme is nothing but consistent – Unterhund mostly stages punk, HC, ska, metal and other similarly oriented concerts. Occasional disruptions like techno nights or hip hop performances do happen, but the general rule is that the hosted musicians growl rather than sing. Just in recent few years, legends like The Vibrators (UK), GBH (UK), Extreme Noise Terror (UK), Anti Nowhere League (UK), Poison Idea (USA) and Impaled Nazarene (FIN) have visited this basement.

Other guests include Elektrićni Orgazam (HR), Linterno (IT), Eksodus (HR), Retard (US),Cast Iron Jaw (UK), Damir Avdić (BA), Pannonia allstars ska orchestra (HU), Muškat Hamburg, Štefan Kovač Marko Banda, Noctiferia, Demolition Group and KvinTon.