Valvasor Library, Krško



Valvasorjeva knjižnica, Krško

Cesta krških žrtev 26 SI-8270 , Krško

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The Valvasor Library, Krško was established in 1964 as a municipal library. At the outset its collection comprised some 2,100 units and its users totalled 410 registered members. In 1988 the library moved into the renovated building of the defunct baroque Capuchin Monastery and took over the management of its historical library. Special rooms are dedicated to the monastery’s history and to Alfonz Gspan (1904–1977), a lexicographer and librarian from Krško. In 2009 the library also opened a unique permanent exhibition on Speedway in Slovenia.

Today the library has over 6,000 members and holds more than 145,000 units and incorporates a periodicals department, a study-reading room with 40 seats, a children’s corner, a local information collection, and a separately located youth department. The library also has branches at Videm and Kostanjevica na Krki.