Slovene Choirs Meeting in Šentvid, Stična

15. 06. - 16. 06. 2019

Ivančna Gorica


Tabor slovenskih pevskih zborov v Šentvidu pri Stični

Šentvid pri Stični 46 SI-1295 , Ivančna Gorica

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The traditional annual June meeting of Slovene choirs from Slovenia as well as from neighbouring countries – also known as the Šentviški pevski tabor – is one of the largest singing events in Europe, involving the participation of up to 250 choirs and around 5,000 vocalists. The choir meetings have been organised by local organisations in collaboration with the local branch of the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia since 1971.

The desire of the organisers is to prepare a pleasant meeting not only for Slovene singers but also for ones coming from places like Zagreb, Rijeka, and Pula in Croatia, Gornji Senik in Hungary, and Belgrade in Serbia, who also sing songs in Slovenian language. Such choirs play an important role in maintaining Slovene traditions and culture as well as Slovenian language in communities of Slovene minorities living abroad near the borders of Slovenia.

The common thread of the 43rd meeting in 2012 were songs about flowers presented by more than 110 choirs led by the well-known conductor Igor Švara. The programme usually starts with a concert by a visiting choir on the eve of the main event – a daytime, typically outdoor, concert of combined male, female, and mixed choirs. The main event also draws guest appearances by local or national politicians, ethnologists, Slovene ambassadors stationed abroad and, cultural artists who often present awards to deserving members. The concerts are regularly recorded by the national television RTV Slovenia and broadcast on TV as well as made accessible on RTV’s online archive (see external links below).


Stična Festival

19. 11. - 4. 12. 2022

Ivančna Gorica


Festival Stična

Stična 11 SI-1295, Ivančna Gorica

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The Stična Festival was established in 2000 as an annual autumn festival of evening musical, theatre, and visual arts events in Stična. The first idea was to organise events over four evenings but the festival was quickly extended to two weeks, and it currently takes place end of November.

The basic goals of the festival are to raise cultural consciousness, to build connections and cooperation among amateur and professional associations and individuals and also to help to support quality amateur productions.


Music concerts comprise the bulk of the festival, yet are augmented by a diverse selection of to gallery exhibitions, theatre performances, film screenings, and other cultural events. They concerts range from classical music to rock acts, with some of the Slovene musicians and bands being Vlado Kreslin, Anja Bukovec, Dan D, Elvis Jackson, Terrafolk, Orlek, and Katalena.

The programme mostly features Slovene artists, yet regularly also invites guests from abroad. For a time it ran an explicitly international line-up, annually choosing one country and focusing its programme on it.