Izola-Isola Principal Library



Mestna knjižnica Izola

Osvobodilne fronte 15 SI-6310, Izola-Isola

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The Izola Principal Library/Biblioteca civica di Isola is a public institution and the only library in the Municipality of Izola-Isola. It is an information centre which aims to develop reading and writing culture. The library offers its visitors a collection of more than 50,000 books, periodicals, and multimedia items which is increasing all the time through purchases, donations, and book exchanges. Its collection contains also literature and periodicals in Italian language for the Italian community living in Slovenia. The library regularly organises book readings, interviews with interesting local people, fairy tale readings for children, and other events.

Izola Cultural Centre



Kulturni center Izola

Ulica oktobrske revolucije 1 SI-6310, Izola-Isola

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Izola Cultural Centre is a multipurpose venue run by Izola Centre for Culture, Sport and Events. Music and theatre events for children, youth and adults, film screenings, lectures, seminars and workshops, club evenings and amateur events take place in the main hall, which has 230 seats and a stage of 70 square metres. The cultural centre has also a small dance hall and a club.

Izola Cultural Centre is also one of the venues for the annual Kino Otok – Isola Cinema Festival.


Art kino Odeon Izola



Art kino Odeon Izola

Ulica prekomorskih brigad 4 SI-6310, Izola

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Art kino Odeon is a cinema in Izola, a small town on the Slovenian coast. Screening art house films on a daily basis, it is the only cinema with such a programme in the region. Odeon strives to sustain and develop an alternative film culture among the coastal communities.


Art kino Odeon has been running since 1972. In 2003 it became an art house cinema. Today it is managed under the auspices of the Izola-Isola Municipality. Odeon is a member of the Art Cinema Network and Europa Cinemas Network, which distributes selected films around Slovenia. It also runs a strong programme of film related events, and has become one of main venues of the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema Festival.

The venue

Odeon operates in a former theatre hall that dates back to 1931, and got converted into a cinema in 1972. The cinema hall contains 95 seats and is equipped with 35mm, DCP 4k and HD video film projectors as well as the Dolby sound equipment. Occasionally, the place serves as a venue for various other cultural events – from conferences to audiovisual events, and concerts.

Since 2011 Art kino Odeon also sets up a summer-time venue, called The Open-air Cinema Arrigoni.


The screened films are mostly independent, art and auteur-based projects, with a special emphasis on European and Slovenian cinematography, and various quality feature films for the younger audiences and occasional mainstream flicks.

The programme is complemented by various events like the Cinema Live evenings, during which screenings are accompanied by the film’s directors or actors, or by discussions on a given theme. Another such project is called Cinema Girandola (Kino Vetrnica), a series of early weekend screenings intended for the younger audiences.

The cinema also cooperates with schools, runs retrospectives of film classics, and sets up special events like animated film workshops or short film marathons. In 2016 it started a programme of live shows after screenings by the crew that runs the podcast emission FilmFlow.


Art kino Odeon Izola is among the main venues (and co-producers) of the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema Festival, the most important cinema event in the wider region. It is also one of the venues of IZIS, a newly formed coastal festival of contemporary multimedia art, and hosts the Eye on Film Festival and the European Film Week.

Together with the Slovenian Animated Film Association they have also organised the Slovenian Animated Film Review, a showcase of contemporary animated film from Slovenia. Each year it also runs a selection of films featured at the Ljubljana International Film Festival (LIFFe) (called Liffe after Liffe) and at Animateka International Animated Film Festival.

Odeon also serves as one of the dislocated units for the International Film Festival Rotterdam: during IFFR Live a few films premiere simultaneously in over 45 cinemas throughout 17 countries, also in five cinemas round Slovenia.