Valvasor Library, Krško



Valvasorjeva knjižnica, Krško

Cesta krških žrtev 26 SI-8270 , Krško

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The Valvasor Library, Krško was established in 1964 as a municipal library. At the outset its collection comprised some 2,100 units and its users totalled 410 registered members. In 1988 the library moved into the renovated building of the defunct baroque Capuchin Monastery and took over the management of its historical library. Special rooms are dedicated to the monastery’s history and to Alfonz Gspan (1904–1977), a lexicographer and librarian from Krško. In 2009 the library also opened a unique permanent exhibition on Speedway in Slovenia.

Today the library has over 6,000 members and holds more than 145,000 units and incorporates a periodicals department, a study-reading room with 40 seats, a children’s corner, a local information collection, and a separately located youth department. The library also has branches at Videm and Kostanjevica na Krki.

Luksuz Production



Luksuz produkcija, DZMP

Cesta 4. julija 58 SI-8270 , Krško

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The Luksuz Production is the video production arm of the Society of Allies for Soft Landing, Krško (DZMP) established in 1997. Its first professional project was Boris Petković’s short fiction film Forward (1998) which was invited to several international film festivals. Since 2001 Luksuz Production premises have become an important “video classroom” for young video creators and a production centre for new generations of film and videomakers. It is one of the pioneers in the democratisation of film as a medium in Slovenia.

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Since 2001 Luksuz Production has been intensifying its educational activities. It runs an international youth exchange programme involving film workshops and seminars. Some of its projects have received support from EU institutions and organisations and have been included in their programmes, like the project of intercultural dialogue named Divided God which involved around 40 young participants from different parts of Europe working on documentary films (the workshop was led by well-known film maker Želimir Žilnik) and was supported by the EU programme Youth in Action, the European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and the Public Fund for Cultural Activities of the Republic of Slovenia.

Film Projects

In 2009 the DZMP project Together on the Road was launched: a group of Roma youngsters from Slovenia, France, Serbia and Kosovo explored and filmed the Roma culture under tutorship of professional film-makers for 9 months, and eventually made three documentaries. The project got the grant of the Balkan Incentive Fund for Culture (ECF).

DZMP has also been involved in many others film projects and events. It cooperates regularly with Kino Otok – Isola Cinema Festival in organising film workshops and in 2007 it co-produced Boris Petković’s feature film with Gustav Film.

Film Festival

In 2003 Luksuz Production launched the Luksuz Cheap Film Festival as a showcase for short and low-budget film productions by both domestic and foreign experimental and alternative directors and activists.

Krško Culture House



Kulturni dom Krško

Trg Matije Gubca 2 SI-8270, Krško

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The Krško Culture House opened its doors in 1977, when the erection of the new multi-purpose building by the architect Franci Filipčič served as a celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Municipality of Krško, its founder. It is the main cultural producer in Krško and offers a diverse and densely set programme. Since 2010, this public institution also manages the Municipal Museum of Krško, the Krško Gallery, and the Rajhenburg Castle.

The Krško Culture House has differently sized and equipped venues, starting with the big hall that can accommodate up to 500 people and is intended to be used for the more complex productions. The smaller hall can host around 100 people and is – just as the bigger one – rigged for cinema projections. Other facilities include two moderately-sized places for workshops and lectures and the like, a multifunctional atrium hall and a bar. All of these are available for outside producers, who range from local musical choirs to political parties and book publishers.

Programme overview

The Culture House has a programme that caters to a very diverse set of audiences, for example, the very strong film programme which offers art cinema screenings, films for children and youth (in course of which the Film na oko Festival was hosted) and a regular mainstream programme.

The musical part is programmed in a similar way, providing big Slovene pop acts like Eroika, rock musicians (from Laibach and The Stroj to Vlado Kreslin), classical music concerts and also a quality jazz and world music cycle with the likes of Samo Šalamon, Cene Resnik, Janez Dovč, Fake Orchestra, Bossa de Novo and Big Band KK. The latter organised in 2015 the first edition of the International Jazz Day Krško on the platform in front of the centre.

Theatre performances are another strong point of Krško Culture House, which hosts plays from theatres from all over Slovenia, with the Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, the Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, and the Mladinsko Theatre being only a few of them. Various theatre groups like Špas Theatre, Rozinteater, and Café Teater are regulars as well. There are also more commercially-minded performances by popular Slovene comedians, further augmented by stand-up shows.

Yet, a lot more is being produced and co-produced, from a fair of ecologically grown food to a summer music festival at the Rajhenburg Castle. Painting and photography works are sometimes also displayed, though their primary venue is the Krško Gallery.