Lendava-Lendva Library



Knjižnica Lendava/ Konyvtar Lendva

Glavna ulica 12 SI-9220, Lendava-Lendva

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Operating in a bilingual territory, the Lendava Library was co-founded by the Municipality of Lendava and the Hungarian National Self-Governing Community of Pomurje Region Lendava-Lendva. It is located in the Oskar Laubhaimer’s neo-baroque villa built in 1906. The library has branches in Hotiza, Sr. Bistrica, Črenšovci, Velika Polana, Turnišče, Kobilje, Odranci, Dolina, Dobrovnik, Gaberje, Genterovci, and Petišovci.

In 2016 the Library was united with the Lendava-Lendva Cultural Centre into the Library – Cultural Centre Lendava-Lendva Institute.


In addition to adult and young adult departments, members can use the reading room, or access the materials on the region featured in the local collection department. Its collection of books, magazines, and other material is available in Slovenian and Hungarian.

Story-telling hours, puppet shows, workshops, literary evenings, exhibitions, lectures, and other events held at the library and its branches are likewise conducted in both languages. It also collaborates with libraries in Hungary.

Lendava-Lendva Cultural Centre



Kulturni center Lendava / Lendvai Kulturális Központ

Trg Györgya Zale 1 SI-9220, Lendava-Lendva

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The Lendava-Lendva Cultural Centre, an impressive 2,400 square-metre building was conceived by architect Imre Makovecz in 1995, as a multipurpose space for concerts, drama, opera and conferences.

It was a major new cross-border collaborative building project of the 1990s, funded by the Slovene Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Lendava-Lendva, the Hungarian government, and the Hungarian National Self-Governing Community of Pomurje Region Lendava-Lendva.


First the institution was called the Lendava-Lendva Institute for Culture and Promotion (ZKPL-MPIL), then, in 2016, it was reorganised as the Library – Cultural Centre Lendava-Lendva Institute – Lendvai Könyvtár és Kulturális Központ, uniting the Cultural Centre and the Lendava-Lendva Library.

Venue and programme

Lendava-Lendva Cultural Centre has a 1,400 square-metre (45m x 33m) theatre/concert hall with 444 seats, plus various other spaces. It organises annual music and theatre subscription series involving both Slovene and Hungarian artists and also hosts frequent performances by Slovene theatre houses (Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica, Slovene People’s Theatre (SLG) Celje, Mladinsko Theatre, Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL)), as well as their counterparts in Hungary. During the summer the venue serves as an open air cinema showing the recent cinema hits.

A puppetry performances are held during summer months. Besides the performing arts the venue also hosts the summer school of animated film for youngsters and regular exhibitions of visual arts, including annual presentations of works from the Lendava-Lendva International Fine Arts Colony.

Lendava Synagogue



Sinagoga Lendava

Spodnja ulica 5 SI-9220, Lendava-Lendva

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The Lendava Synagogue is one of the three synagogues still remaining in Slovenia. Along with the Maribor Synagogue, one of the oldest synagogues in Europe, the Lendava Synagogue (built in 1866) functions as a historical monument and a cultural centre. Since 2013 it hosts also the Slovenian Holocaust Museum with a permanent exhibition on Jews in the Prekmurje region. The third synagogue, the smaller praying centre at the Ljubljana Town Hall, serves for religious purposes.


The Jewish community of Dolnje Lendava began construction of the synagogue, which is now one of the two preserved synagogues in Slovenia in 1866. Until 1944 the Lendava Synagogue served as religious centre for Jewish people from the Prekmurje region. It had room for about 140 worshippers. After the building was neglected for several decades after 1944, it was renovated in the 1990s. Next to the synagogue there was also a Jewish school which was demolished in the end of the 1990s and a residence for the rabbi. In the nearby Dolga vas one can still visit a Jewish burial ground, the only one preserved in the region.


Today the cultural and art programme in the Lendava Synagogue is managed by the Lendava-Lendva Gallery and Museum. It serves as a venue for concerts and exhibitions, current exhibition is devoted to the history of Jewish people in the Lendava region. In 2009 on the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel, the Lendava Synagogue hosted a photographic exhibition by David Rubinger. So far, the synagogue has also hosted many traditional, jazz and klezmer musicians.

Slovenian Holocaust Museum

Since 2013 the synagogue has featured also a permanent display on the history of Jews from the Prekmurje region, combined with temporary thematic exhibitions, focused on personal memorabilia and the impact of particular families on the development of the town of Lendava.