Logatec Library



Knjižnica Logatec

Tržaška cesta 44 SI-1370, Logatec

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In 1946 the collections of two smaller libraries dating back to the early 20th century were brought together to form the Logatec Library. Today it functions as a cultural and information centre in the Municipality of Logatec, with branches in Rovte, Hotedršica, and Vrh Sv. Treh Kraljev. The library maintains a local collection department, which preserves various material and documents on the region. Members can use the reading room as well as computer terminals. The library hosts a spectrum of events: children can take part in story-telling hours and creative workshops, whereas literary evenings, author meetings, book clubs, lectures, exhibitions, and courses in using the library’s services and information resources cater for adult library-goers. As part of the activities, librarians pay visits to the local nursing home to read to visually-impaired users, thus connecting them with the available resources.