8. 07. - 9. 07. 2022




SI-6273 , Marezige

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Launched and held from 2004 onwards in the coastal village of Marezige, MareziJazz is the biggest big band festival in Central Europe and the only one of its kind in Slovenia. Established with a simple ambition to present the local ensembles working with this sort of music to a wider audience, it has grown to be rather popular and started hosting more and more bands.

Lasting 2 days, since 2011 the festival also has a 2-day workshop for musicians. Approximately a dozen or more big bands play at each festival, along with the occasional after-party band. The festival hosts more and more foreign bands, which mostly come from the neighbouring Italy, as well as from France, the Czech Republic, Russia, Latvia …

The organisers of the festival, the Marezige Youth Society, have also established the Slovenian Association of Big Bands, which connects the more active Slovenian big bands.