Murska Sobota Regional and Study Library

Murska Sobota


Pokrajinska in študijska knjižnica Murska Sobota

Zvezna 10 SI-9000, Murska Sobota

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The Murska Sobota Regional and Study Library functions as the regional library for the Pomurje region. Though officially established in 1973 following the merger of the public and the study libraries, its beginnings pre-date World War II. The 4,000 square-metre premises feature a 120-seat reading room and function both as a library and as a multimedia information centre. In addition to lending book and other material, the library also holds story-telling hours, creative workshops, literary evenings, exhibitions, books clubs (in the library and nursing homes), lectures, and participates in organising the Eye of the Word Festival. It houses two important collections: a local collection comprising rare books hailing mostly from the 18th and 19th centuries, and one of the richest collections of Hungarian books in Slovenia, which is perennially updated with new titles. Their mobile library pays visits to 12 Slovene municipalities and the neighbouring Porabje region in Hungary.

The library is also the seat of the Library Association of Pomurje.

MIKK Youth Information Cultural Club, Murska Sobota

Murska Sobota


MIKK, Mladinski informativni in kulturni klub Murska Sobota

Trubarjev drevored 4 SI-9000 , Murska Sobota

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Established in 1995 by the Municipality of Murska Sobota and situated in Murska Sobota Castle, the MIKK Youth Information Cultural Club is active in information distribution (e-point), non-formal education (music, theatre, fine arts, literature, photography and film workshops), cultural promotion (concerts, exhibitions, theatre shows, literary events and art film screenings by young, non-conformist groups), and international projects (MOVIT, Service for Promotion of Youth Mobility, exchanges, voluntary work).

From 2002 to 2007 MIKK ran an international festival of contemporary alternative music called Te MIKKa Festival, and in 2005 it established the KRIK Multimedia Centre Pomurje.


Front@ Contemporary Dance Festival

1. 09. - 3. 09. 2022

Murska Sobota


Front@ mednarodnega plesa - festival

SI-9000 , Murska Sobota

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Front@ Contemporary Dance Festival takes place annually each end of August in Murska Sobota, a town in the eastern region of Slovenia known as Prekmurje. Presenting high quality Slovene and international dance performances, the festival aims to contribute to the decentralisation of contemporary dance scene in Slovenia.

Held since 2006, Front@ is organised by the Flota Institute. Besides staging dance performances, the festival also features workshops, courses, improvised dance meetings and so on.

In 2020 the Front@ Festival consists of two parts: the Western Front@ takes place in Nova Gorica at the beginning of July, and the Eastern Front@ at the end of August, as usually, in Murska Sobota.

The fifth edition of the festival was co-produced by Dance Theatre Ljubljana, MIKK Youth Information Cultural Club, Murska Sobota, Murska Sobota Gallery and the Cultural Societies Association Murska Sobota. The national support is matched with the Municipality of Murska Sobota grant, as well as international funding (European Cultural Foundation, European Commission’s Culture Programme). With co-organising partners in Croatia, Austria, and Hungary the Front@ Festival participated in the project Beyond Front@ to enhance international attendance at the festival and exchange among contemporary dance and other artists from the participating countries and beyond.

n addition, the festival organises dance workshops and classes (in 2009, a practical workshop for stage technicians was also organised), as well as presentations of dance films, and seminars and discussions related to issues in contemporary dance, as well as conversations with artists appearing at the festival.

The festival also hosts improvisation evenings, entitled Improvisation Attack, in the frame of the project Dance Communication Lab (DCL), featuring invited dancers, musicians, and other guests from different countries. The festival also features music concerts; thus far it has hosted Yapa World Jazz Quartet (France), SLO A3 (Slovenia), Kleemar & Därectalchex, etc.

International cooperation and networking: Beyond Front@