Festival of Slovenian Film Portorož

25. 10. - 30. 10. 2022



Festival slovenskega filma

Senčna pot 8 A 6320, Portorož

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The Festival of Slovenian Film (FSF) provides an overview of the latest Slovenian cinema, and awards the most prominent achievements and artists. The festival is the successor to annual showcases of Slovenian filmmaking, established in the 1970s in Celje as the Week of the National Film and, after a break, renamed the Slovenian Film Marathon and moved to Portorož, before assuming the name and role it has today the following year. The Festival of Slovenian Film is a community, arts and industry event bringing together filmmakers, the professional community, business partners, and enthusiasts. It is an annual film gathering, where the latest feature, medium-length and short fiction, documentary, and animated films are screened over five days. Screenings are accompanied by news conferences with filmmakers and other cast and crew members, and by an increasingly prominent industry events, which include expert panels, international workshops and the Coproduction Meeting with a focus on a nearby partner country. The festival concludes with the Vesna Awards ceremony, Vesna symbolising the popularity of the heroine of the eponymous 1955 film directed by František Čap. Today, this Czech filmmaker is considered one of the pillars of the history of Slovenian cinema, and a prime example of both European cultural exchange and the openness of Slovenian film industry.

Slovenian Cinema

The Festival of Slovenian Film is where new approaches of up-and-coming young filmmakers meet the honourable tradition of the legends of Slovenian cinema, an industry increasingly steeped in a broader European film landscape. During the opening ceremony, in collaboration with industry associations, the Slovenian Film Centre annually presents the Metod Badjura Lifetime Achievement Award, an accolade named after a pioneer of documentary cinema.

Monfort Exhibition Space



Razstavišče Monfort

Obala 8 SI-6320, Portorož/Portorose

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Formerly a salt storehouse, Monfort is now a vast and quite magnificent exhibition and event space, situated right by the sea. Built during 1823 and 1827 and placed halfway between Portorož-Portorose and Piran-Pirano, it nowadays serves several functions. One part of the grand space is taken by the Monfort Contemporary Art Space and is managed by the Coastal Galleries. The second part houses a museum collection on traditional shipbuilding and the development of water sports, set up by the Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum. Yet another part is taken by Turistum, a museum of tourism and hiking.

The structure is also used for various festival activities, such as those of the Ex-tempore Piran and the Piran Days of Architecture, as well as other events. The Municipality of Piran-Pirano manages rentals of Monfort Hall.


During the early-19th century, the growing salt industry of Sečovlje demanded a more centralised system for storing salt, which led to the replacement of several smaller and dispersed vaults with a few bigger, newly built storehouses, among them also the one called Monfort.

As contemporary salt production has decreased significantly, the 2000s already saw Monfort occasionally rented for various cultural uses. When all the industrial activities at Monfort were ceased in 2010, the Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum finally found a space big enough to house some of its until then secluded collections.

Museum of Shipbuilding

Spaced through around 500 m2, the museum has two permanent collections housed at Monfort (into where it moved in 2011 and which was further renovated in 2014). One is about traditional shipbuilding and presents old fishing and cargo boats used on the Northern Adriatic sea, as well as building tools and various other related objects. Also displayed are boat sketches drawn by the shipbuilder Davide Filipas.

The second exhibition, on the development of water sports, mostly tracks the history of sport sailing in the region, presenting a number of original early vehicles. Other water sports are also covered, from kayaking to water skiing. Additionally, temporary exhibitions also take place, such as the one on the nautical programme of the Tomos motor factory.

Monfort Contemporary Art Space

The Obalne galerije – Coastal Galleries run what they call the Monfort Contemporary Art Space, a gallery for contemporary art presenting mostly paintings and sculpture. The unadorned storehouse walls make for an impressive ambience and context.

Approximately 4 exhibitions take place annually; some of the presented artists include Vladimir Makuc, Boštjan Jurečič, Marko Jakše, Mitja Ficko, Mirsad Begić, Aleksij Kobal, Tone Lapajne, Sandro Chia and Azad Karim.

Museum of Tourism and Hiking

Turistum, as the museum is called, is led by the Mediteranum Institute, which has gathered about 20,000 pieces that relate to the development and heritage of tourism in Slovenia and Northern Istria from the 19th century onwards. Most of the collection is still waiting to be presented and the museum is currently in development, although already now open for visitors.

Portorož Auditorium



Avditorij Portorož

Senčna pot 10 SI-6320, Portorož/Portorose

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Founded in 1973, Portorož Auditorium was a pioneer in conference organisation along the Slovene coast. Today it presents cultural activities and conferences in its own venue and also runs also the programme for the Tartini Theatre in old Piran.

The Portorož Auditorium and Tartini Theatre meet all the requirements for organising cultural events such as stage performances, operas, concerts and film screenings as well as conferences, symposia, seminars, company presentations, anniversary events and receptions.


Portorož Auditorium hosts several festivals, including the Piran Musical Evenings, Piran Days of Architecture and the Festival of Slovenian Film. It also collaborates with local festivals such as the Primorska Summer Festival, Koper-Capodistria and with the Slovene opera houses. Musical events are held here as part of the the Festival of Sea and Sun Melodies, along with other concerts of popular and classical music and musicals.

Tartini Theatre serves as a venue of the Festival of European and Mediterranean Film.


Portorož Auditorium comprises a large conference hall of 540 square metres with a capacity of 500 removable seats and four meeting rooms with a capacity of 20 to 100 people (White Room 130 square metres, Green Room 90 square metres, Red Room 65 square metres, Blue Room 65 square metres), plus an open air theatre of 2,500 square metres with a capacity of 1,800 seats. The atrium is also used as a reception venue.