Translation Pranger Festival

5. 07. - 9. 07. 2022



Prevodni Pranger

Ulica heroja Tomšiča 9 A SI-2000, Maribor

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The first edition of the Translation Pranger Festival, the festival of world literature translations and humanities took place in Maribor in 2019. KUD Pranger Cultural Association established Translation Pranger Festival in accordance with the already established Pranger format.

Festival consists of analysis and evaluation public talks on translations of novels, short stories, children’s and youth literature, essays, dramatics, theory and poetry, which is complemented by the sale of interesting books and the recording and transcription of talks. Conversations is followed by relaxed socializing and discussion among participants.

Talks are held at the Maribor Puppet Theater. The first edition of the festival was prepared on the day of the death of St. Hieronymus, the translator best known for the Latin translation of the Bible.


Face to face (Iz oči v oči)

The management of the festival chooses one foreign language and a selector who will conduct the interview concerning two books or a magazine / radio publication of the translator in the focus of the evening. The choice of the selector is on its own discretion, but must take into account the manageability of the material in scope (especially for the audience who desires to read the material before the event). The choice and argumentation of translation solutions is commented upon by the invited discussant. The selector and discussant explain “face-to-face” their opinions to the translator of the translation, who has the opportunity to explain and reveal at his translation workshop less known facts or textual solutions that the discussant and selector may have interpreted in their own way.

Museum of the Leather Industry in Slovenia



Muzej usnjarstva na Slovenskem

Primorska cesta 6h SI-3325 , Šoštanj

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The Museum of the Leather Industry in Slovenia presents the 210-year-old tradition of the leather industry in Šoštanj where the Vošnjak’s tannery was established in 1788. It later grew into heavy industry exporting exquisite goods to other continents and ended up as the nationalised Leather Factory Šoštanj. It was finally abolished in 1999. The museum arose from a civil initiative and was established on the premises of the former factory by the Municipality of Šoštanj in 2009. It forms a branch of the Velenje Museum.

Apart from the history of the now-defunct leather industry in the country, the museum also displays several ambient presentations of a worker’s apartment, a director’s office, the shoemaking workshop and the industrialist Vošnjak (Woschnagg) family.

Youth Centre of Dravinja Valley (MCDD)

Slovenske Konjice


Mladinski center Dravinjske doline

Žička cesta 4a SI-3210, Slovenske Konjice

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The Youth Centre of Dravinja Valley (MCDD) started operating as an internal organisational unit of the Dravinjska dolina Student Club in 1999. It was officially established in 2003 as a non-profit youth organisation, in 2014 it was changed to a social enterprise, active in the field of youth and culture covering the region of Slovenske Konjice, Zreče, Vitanje and Oplotnica. Its cultural programme includes concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions and music workshops and also provides premises for the operation of numerous youth associations, music groups, choirs and other organisations in the Municipality of Slovenske Konjice.

The vision of the organisation is to activate young people by promoting active citizenship and raise cultural competencies and social responsibility, promote youth mobility and non-formal education as well as awareness-raising and addiction prevention.

Main activities

The main activities of MCDD are divided amongst four different programmes: a youth centre, the cultural event centre Patriot, an intergenerational centre and the social incubator Kreaktor.

Youth centre

The main activities of the youth centre focus on youth mobility projects by engaging in international and intercultural exchange, local and international volunteering work promotion and activation, providing support to other organisations, non-formal education modules development and preparation of sport and cultural events. The MCDD is part of the Erasmus+ programme.

Cultural event centre Patriot

The cultural event centre Patriot’s main activities are the promotion of young unknown bands, the organisation of concerts, performances, reading clubs, workshops and exhibitions, and also the running of a small bar.

Intergenerational centre

The intergenerational centre carries out intergenerational activities, workshops and lectures in close cooperation with the retiree association of Slovenske Konjice.

Social incubator Kreaktor

Kreaktor promotes social entrepreneurship, co-working and offers assistance in career development and employment.

Velenje Library



Knjižnica Velenje

Šaleška 21 SI-3320, Velenje

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The Velenje Library was established in 1962; the roots of librarianship in the Šaleška dolina valley, however, reach back to 1854. It runs branches in Šmartno ob Paki and Šoštanj. As a cultural and information centre, the library organises an array of events and activities for all generations of library-goers. Children can attend story-telling hours, creative workshops, and courses in using the libraries resources. Teenagers are invited to participate in the debate and book club, whereas adults can take part in literary evenings, lectures, literary tea parties, and educational events. A notable service of the Velenje Library is Biblio 24, a fully automated kiosk, where users can borrow and return books 24/7. Home book delivery caters to users who are unable to visit the library due to medical, physical, or age limitations. The library also manages a local collection department, featuring materials on the region.

Šoštanj Culture House



Kulturni dom Šoštanj

Trg J. Lampreta 2 SI-3325, Šoštanj

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Run by the Šoštanj Institute for Culture, Šoštanj Culture House organises concerts, theatre shows, film screenings and lectures as well as workshops for children. It also manages a small city gallery for temporary exhibitions and publishes the monthly List bulletin detailing cultural events in the Municipality of Šoštanj, located in the statistical region of Savinja, close to Velenje.

Šmarje pri Jelšah Library

Šmarje pri Jelšah


Knjižnica Šmarje pri Jelšah

Aškerčev trg 20 SI-3240, Šmarje pri Jelšah

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Although its origins may be traced back to 1883, the Šmarje pri Jelšah Library acquired the status of an independent public institute in 2003. It manages branches in Podčetrtek, Bistrica ob Sotli, Kozje, and Lesično, cooperating closely with the Šmarje pri Jelšah Cultural House.

In 2002 the library was enlarged and modernised, now offering a multimedia space with 5 computers, a children’s corner, and a study room. Library-goers are welcome to participate in the many activities and events designed to foster reading culture and information literacy, such as literary evenings, creative workshops, exhibitions, lectures, and various courses. The library also houses the University of the Third Age, which facilitates social and educational activities for elderly members.

Šentjur Public Library



Splošna knjižnica Šentjur

Mestni trg 5b SI-3230, Šentjur

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Tracing its origins to 1945, the Šentjur Public Library was officially established in 1992. It runs braches in Dobje, Ponikva, and Planina. The library houses a children’s and an adult department, a media department, a reading room and a computer classroom providing Internet access, as well as a local collection department, which maintains materials on the region. As a cultural and information centre, it hosts a slew of activities and events for children and adults, such as literary evenings, exhibitions, lectures, creative workshops, and story-telling hours. Organised visits to schools and kindergartens, where young users learn about the library and its resources, foster a high level of information literacy.

Slovenske Konjice Public Library

Slovenske Konjice


Splošna knjižnica Slovenske Konjice

Mestni trg 4 SI-3210 , Slovenske Konjice

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The Slovenske Konjice Public Library was officially established in 1962, though its roots go back to the time before World War II. It runs braches in Vitanje, Zreče, and Loče as well as the Centre for Cultural Events, an internal organisation which manages a regular cultural programme, and the Tourist Information Centre. The library constitutes the region’s chief cultural, information, and multimedia centre, as it also organises a variety of activities. Children can attend story-telling hours and creative workshops, whereas adults are welcome to participate in literary evenings, exhibitions, lectures, educational courses, and literary tea parties.

Rogaška Slatina Library

Rogaška Slatina


Knjižnica Rogaška Slatina

Celjska cesta 13 SI-3250, Rogaška Slatina

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Formally established in 2003, the Rogaška Slatina Library traces its beginnings to the time before World War II. It now runs a branch unit in Rogatec. In 2009 the library moved to new, state-of-the-art premises, where it functions as a modern cultural and information centre. In addition to a wide selection of book and non-book materials, the library offers a host of activities catering for all age groups. Children can take part in story-telling hours and creative workshops, whereas young library-goers are welcome to visit the teenage corner, which affords interesting and quality material. Adults can mingle and discuss books, attend exhibitions, lectures, while the so-called “third age” members may participate in computer and other courses.

Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery



Galerija Plevnik-Kronkowska

Razlagova 9 SI-3000, Celje

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Under the initiative of Matija Plevnik, art historian and enthusiastic promoter of contemporary art, the not-for-profit Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery was established in 2008 by Plevnik and a group of young local artists. The gallery is situated in the private premises (former shop) on the outskirts of the Celje centre and represents a unique exhibition, production and project space with a versatile international programme. Although primarily dedicated to showcasing younger generations of Slovenian and international visual artists, the gallery collaborates also with other organisations which range from the mainstream public institutions such as the Celeia Celje Institute – Centre for Contemporary Arts to the regional Savinjska division of FAO (Federation for Anarchistic Organisation).

Currently, the gallery does not have a permanent exhibition space and exhibits occasionally in the heart of the old city at various locations.


Plevnik-Kronkowska Gallery prepares some 5 to 6 exhibitions annually and since the beginning has offered the floor to the younger generation of Celje-based artists such as Mark Požlep, Iva Tratnik, Jure Cvitan, Manja Vadla and others but is open also to established artists, such as Miha Vipotnik, a pioneer of Slovene video art, who in 2010 prepared a special exhibition Slide-ing Fields / Sticking Dust.

An important and surprisingly non-eclectic part of the gallery’s programme is that of the exhibitions of international artists such as Mircea Nicolae (Romania), Tarek Chemaly (Lebanon), Kyle Milne (USA), Massimo Permuda (Italy), etc.