BUMfest International Percussion Festival

19. 01. - 22. 01. 2023



BUMfest mednarodni festival tolkalnih skupin

Aškerčeva 9a SI-3310, Žalec

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As the name implies, the BUMfest International Percussion Festival is a rather specialised music festival. Taking place in Žalec and established in 2007, its quite successful and regularly sold out musical programme presents all sorts of percussion and drumming projects that often feature elements of theatre, dance, humour and sound experimentation. Beside evening concerts, the festival also comprises music workshops and matinee performances for schoolchildren,

Led by Dejan Tamše, of the SToP Slovene Percussion Project, the festival takes place at the Dom II. slovenskega tabora Žalec. An additional venue is the Savinov likovni salon, where post-festival exhibitions sometimes take place.


The festival has hosted artists from Taiwan, Brazil, the United States, Mexico and numerous European countries. Some of the guests in recent years have been Funky Currywurst Brothers (AT, DK), Percussive (BE), Odaiko (ES), Groovetrotters (DE, AT), Quatuor Beat (FR), Sudar Percussion (HR), Percossa (NL) and The Strokes (HU).

Furthermore, the festival is sometimes amongst the initiators for projects like “Faces and Places”, which featured the SToP Slovene Percussion Project, the Studio Percussion Graz (AT) and guest musicians who had come to Europe as refugees or migrants.

Cultural heritage

Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in Slovenia



Ekomuzej hmeljarstva in pivovarstva Slovenije

Cesta Žalskega tabora 2 SI-3310, Žalec

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Slovenia grows 2–3 % of the world’s hop crop, mainly in the Lower Savinjska Region where the hop-growing tradition dates back to the late 19th century. Originally the Hop Museum was established in the late 1950s through the combined efforts of the workers of the Kmetijski Kombinat (“Agricultural Combine”) in Žalec, the Institute for Beer Brewing and Hop Growing, the Municipality of Žalec and the Tourist Association of Žalec. Until 1990 the collection was housed in Savin House and then moved to the premises of the Hmezad Export-Import Company.

In 2009 the museum was renamed to Eco-Museum of Hop-Growing and Brewing Industry in Slovenia and opened in the former hop drying facility in Žalec. Its interactive display presents the history of hop-growing and features old machines for processing hops, drying shafts, photographs, local hop species and hop packaging. The collection is rooted in the legacy of the local families whose lives have been connected with hop-growing.