An evening of International Chansons with the Slovenian Chansonnière Vita Mavrič

15. 12. - 15. 12. 2022

Vienna, Austria

Vita Mavrič, one of the most renowned and important Slovenian chansonniers, has shaped the Slovenian cultural environment in her career with original musical performances and chansons. She revived the interest of Slovenian audiences in chanson and Slovenian poetry, raised the level of literary and musical quality and developed the distinctive concepts of the international festival La Vie en Rose and Café Theater, which she directed as artistic director for twenty years.

Her songs tell people’s stories. Her voice, interpretation and drama take us to another time, to other places or leave us in the here and now to reflect on the needs of modern man.

With musical accompaniment from pianist Jaka Pucihar, accordionist Dejan Vidovič, drummer Inti Pucihar and bassist Janez Krevel, Vita Mavrič leads us with a selection of songs by Jacques Brel, Serge Gainsborough, Gino Paoli, Arsene Dedić, Jani Kovačič, and others well-known singer-songwriters and chanson authors throughout the evening.

Free admission

In cooperation with Hotel Korotan.

Photo: Vita Mavrič © Peter Giodani

Source: Slovenian cultural information center SKICA