Anton Podbevšek Theatre at the Annual Cinema in Korčula

20. 08. - 20. 08. 2022

Korčula, Croatia

On the 20th of August Anton Podbevšek Theatre is performing their play titled A Letter to my Father.

In the production, the singularity of Franz Kafka is presented tripartitely: as a male voice (Gregor Čušin), a female voice (Barbara Ribnikar) and the writer of the musical temperature of the text, a pianist (Primož Hladnik). In the letter, Kafka carries out a Freudian evidentiary analytical procedure about the superiority of his Father, which overdetermined Franz in his formation and subjectivation. The letter is a kind of self-critical dialectical intimism, in which the tactile world of Kafka’s metaphors unfolds (e.g. about the sun, stairs, map, roof, dungeon…), since Kafka, as Max Brod says somewhere, wrote in pictures, not in concepts. The staging therefore comes from a reflection of Kafka’s basic and primary intersubjective relationship with his Father, from an analysis of nuances and insights into the power of the paternal superego. The staging articulates the dialogic nature of the Scripture itself – especially from their relationship in relation to the choice of profession, Judaism, writing and marriage, in which Kafka saw the possibilities of a means of emancipation. The theatricality of the Letter is in the combination of analysis and narrative, which all three protagonists are looking for in the shades of this extraordinary autobiographical work. In many ways, this can be reflected in any of us.