Visual arts

Back and Forth | Ulla ŽIBERT

23. 06. - 25. 08. 2022

Budapest, Hungary

Ulla Žibert (1988, Trbovlje) is a visual artist, who works as a painter and printmaker. She graduated in sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2015. Her work, which attempts to reinterpret the seemingly ordinary everyday phenomena, questions the indisputable everyday defaults and tackles social as well as ecological issues. Her works often include texts and wordplay in which she manipulates words, thus creating situations that explore the relationship between language, image and meaning.

For the group exhibition in Hungary, entitled Back and Forth, she said: ‘My artistic practice is observation of the evident, ephemeral parts of everyday life and connecting those with translated subjective experiences and impulses, thus creating a collision of individual and collective. Over the last few years I have been extremely fascinated by shadows, perceiving them as a transparent material, a side effect of light and object. They act as a contour, an extension of a certain object, but they suggest an emptiness or absence of the content of the objects they belong to. Working with them in such way opens up the possibility to exploit them as a tool that is used to redefine the given subject matter and context of the depicted image, letting the possibility for re-evaluation and rediscovery of the omnipresent. My motifs, which are deeply rooted in everyday life in seemingly ordinary scenes, themes emerge that can be associated with feminist content, changes brought by technological development, ecological issues and so on. I connect and activate different approaches on different mediums, but mostly on paintings, prints and videos. I perceive and explore the use of words in a very similar way that I use shadows. They can also be used as a contour with the possibility to release and construct new meanings. In my latest works I have been exploring the possibilities of words between the use of language and its image. I’m interested in the interweave of image and language with which I try to create duality and subtle changes that subverts meaning and reveals the unexpected. I am trying to create small changes that can affect how we perceive and what we evaluate, therefore offering ways to construct new meanings.’

The exhibition is open from 23 June to 25 August during the gallery’s opening hours.