Berlin Screenings of the Film Orchestra by Matevž Luzar in the Krokodil Cinema

5. 01. - 29. 01. 2023

Berlin, Germany

Matevž Luzar’s Orchestra, a tiny, black-and-white proposition that made it into FilmFestival Cottbus’s Feature Film Competition (where it celebrated its world premiere), finds some humour in its characters’ boring routines. As a brass band from Slovenia when invited over to Austria, they play, sure, but before that, they gossip and drink – so much so that it’s a wonder anyone can actually perform later on. Except for some new encounters, and a whole subplot involving those who stayed at home and – shock – decided to drink on their own, that’s pretty much all that happens. You get on a bus, start drinking, get to the hotel and continue, merrily yelling “Spritzer!” when someone attempts to take your photo.

Photo: Orchestra © Gustav Film

Source: Slovenian cultural information center SKICA BERLIN