Dance Performance Duo Yellow and Blue at the Frankfurt Book Fair

23. 10. - 23. 10. 2022

Frankfurt, Germany

City choreography by Mateja Bučar (DUM) with Katja Legin and Nataša Živković
Agora pavilion and surroundings, Frankfurt

Urban choreographies take place between passers-by and pedestrians, between random spectators. With an almost imperceptible presence, they penetrate the routine of places and spaces normally populated by passages, stations of the city’s everyday rhythm and its affairs. As the viewer is drawn into the urban aestheticization of the city, he or she looks around and feels a fleeting sense of unease that perhaps everyone around him or her is also a participant in the choreography.

The performance takes place during the day among the passers-by at the fair.

Photo: Duo Yellow and Blue © DUM

Source: Slovenian cultural information center SKICA BERLIN