Everything that is What is – An Evening with Anja Zag Golob

25. 01. - 25. 01. 2023

Berlin, Germany

New poems by Anja Zag Golobs (born 1976 in Gradec) are of an almost aggressive physicality. They contain lyrics about the return of sadness that read like “strings of dark promises”. They lead to “pitch dark night”, in which a name written with glow wire suddenly lights up. Her poetry is a reflection of the outside world into an inside. The human body is suddenly populated by carp and mustachioed catfish, and a rampaging horde of monkeys enter it. But there are also some love poems that are almost classic in their kind in this volume. Perhaps the most beautiful bears the title that I am your boy. It ends: “Make me what I’m supposed to be before I go off to what I’ll be for you beast shadow boy.”

After the event you will be invited to his glass of wine.

A joint event with the Slovenian cultural center Berlin SKICA.

Reading and discussion: Anja Zag Golob
Moderation: Max Czollek

Photo: Anja Zag Golob © Žan Koprivnik