Lačni Franz in London

6. 12. - 6. 11. 2022

London, United Kingdom

Biggest and most loved Slovenia rock band are calling it a day after 43 years. Zoran Predin is bringing his “hungry Franz” gang for a one last bite of an apple, the Last Finale.

Expect all the hits like “Ne mi dihat za ovratnik”, “Praslavan”, “Naj ti poljub narise usnice”.
A real treat for true fans.

Lačni Franz is a cult rock band from the 80′s formed in Maribor, Slovenia. Their name, meaning Hungry Franz, is a pun on the name of a character from the novel Catch-22, Hungry Joe, and describes a hunger for rock music. In a career spanning 43 years, they released 13 studio albums, 2 live albums and 4 compilations. They played at more than 2,000 concerts. Critics characterized their copyright music as ‘cabaret rock’, while today they are described with the international label ‘hard indie’.
The key band member, frontman and songwriter Zoran Predin’s lyrics are full of ironic sarcasm, since he interweaves erotica with political and social taboos and dark humour. Most song lyrics are ambiguous, which gives them recognition and an alibi.

The current band members are Anej Kočevar (bass), Luka Čadež (drums), Boštjan Artiček (keyboards) and Tine Čas (guitar).