Literature in Autumn: “Resonant/Sustainable” – Reading with Miha Mazzini

16. 10. - 16. 10. 2022

Vienna, Austria

As part of the “Resounding/Sustainable” festival, organized by Alte Schmiede Vienna, Miha Mazzini, among others, is also presenting his novel “Izbrisana”/“You don’t exist” at the Odeon Theater.

The book tells the unimaginable but true story of a young mother, Zala, who arrives at the hospital about to give birth. However, she is not admitted because her name does not exist in the computer system. Zala, who was born in Serbia but grew up in Slovenia, suddenly becomes a stranger. A whirlwind of surreal situations begins: Zala is brutally forced to leave her child, who is officially up for adoption, in the hospital, and the municipal office does not help her. Instead they cut up her passport. She is helpless, without insurance, without a legal abode, at the mercy of her fellow human beings. She soon realizes that the whole system is behind it: the Slovenian state stripped her of her citizenship without warning, like 25,000 others.

An event of the Alte Schmiede Vienna.
Photo: Miha Mazzini © personal archive
Source: Slovenian cultural information center SKICA