Nexus AV live act: GMB and jesusonecstasy

22. 10. - 22. 10. 2022

Berlin, Germany

Experimental AV performance by Gašper Milkovič Biloslav (currently artist-in-residence in Berlin) and electronic music artist Mitja Cerkvenik

The two artists have already collaborated on several projects – from audiovisual performances to multimedia installations. They have a similar creative approach. Both rely on a DIY approach to their work, building and using their own instruments, and a fascination with using now-obsolete analogue technologies, keeping them relevant in a contemporary digital context through modifications and technological upgrades.

“The month-long residency in Berlin is a unique opportunity to develop a new AV performance from scratch. Our collaboration focuses on exploring the relationship between image and sound in the form of a live AV performance. The aim of this project is to to discover and develop physical and technological connections between the audio and video systems, to then use them for our live performance.

In addition to improving and more precisely controlling the audio reactivity of the image, I would also like to achieve a reverse connection, so that image and sound are actually a two-way dialogue during a live performance. For this reason, physical proximity, both of us and of our instruments, is inevitable at this early stage of development. From a technological point of view, too, this part of the project development is best located in Berlin, as Cerkvenik is involved in the development of electronic musical instruments and thus has access to the knowledge and materials needed for the technical part of the project,” says Gašper Milkovič the project.

Photo: Nexus © GMB

Source: Slovenian cultural information center SKICA BERLIN