Nibble on the Divine: An Evening of Slovenian Poetry and Music

8. 12. - 8. 12. 2022

Berlin, Germany

The renowned Slovenian poets Esad Babačić, Barbara Korun, Ana Pepelnik and Nataša Velikonja demonstrate how sonorous and musical the Slovene language is at the Evening of Slovene Poetry and Music, which is a collaboration with the House of Poetry.

Esad Babačić (1965) is a poet, singer and writer with punk roots who has remained an outsider to this day. The poems in seven volumes of the poet and writer Barbara Korun (1963), are described as “blunt, subtle, tender and brutal at the same time”. She was awarded the Peace Prize of the Slovenian PEN Center for her feminist commitment. Ana Pepelnik (1979) is the poet and singer of the band Boring Couple and translator of American poetry. Nataša Velikonja (1967) is a sociologist, poet, essayist, translator, lesbian activist and this year’s winner of the most important Slovenian poetry award, the “Simon Jenko Prize”.

The evening will be musically accompanied by the Slovenian jazz musicians Gal Golob and Samo Hude with the band Nomadia.

The event will be moderated by Berlin Radio 1 journalist Marie Kaiser.

We have a limited contingent of free tickets available: applications to .
Source: Slovenian cultural information center SKICA BERLIN