Nina Rajić Kranjac’s Solo in Belgrade

29. 09. - 30. 09. 2022

Belgrade, Serbia

Nina Rajić Kranjac’s Solo is something more than a performance. It’s an experience. It’s a ride. It’s a feast. It’s a four-hour fuck-you to theatrical tidiness. In Solo, Nina puts herself on stage, in a show that is sort of about her as artist, but also about the pressure that everyone feels to hit milestones, to achieve, achieve, achieve. It’s about her, about Nina. But it’s also a show about theatre and the role of the director. It’s about being deemed a ‘success’ and what that feels like. It’s full of in-jokes about other notable Slovenian theatre makers – Žiga Divjak gets namechecked, they kvetch about some of choices made by the director of the current production of The Fig Tree at the National Theatre. It is self-exploratory and self-critiquing and self-indulgent yet, at the same time, it is also an intensely collaborative, intensely live experience, chaotic and ridiculous and beautiful and moving.