Paloma by Brina Klampfer and Kaja Blazinšek in Trieste

26. 03. - 26. 03. 2023

Trieste, Italy

The staged version of the text was devised in collaboration with the actors and the language consultant. In the performance we used Srečko Serčič’s poem Hrepenenje ob reki (Longing by the River) and Miran Perko’s (Delaware) song Plava država (Blue State; adapted by Iztok Drabik Jug).

The production will be based on the story of the Paloma – Sladkogorska factory, which produced sanitary paper products for the entire former Yugoslavia, and which is the reason that a town was built around it in the first place. It will navigate between the three eras in the life of the town. The seventies, when people were full of hopes and dreams and geared towards a better future. The nineties, when the system changed and they started to lose work to new technologies. And the present, when the discourse about the future is gone, the blocks of flats are deserted and young people mostly leave. Intimate stories open an array of topics, linked to the wider socio-political questions: How did the political projects of constructing towns influence the lives of people? What is the fate of a little person who found himself within an environment of a monoculture? And how to deal with this today?