Slovenian artists at the Design without Borders

2. 10. - 6. 11. 2022

Budapest, Hungary

We are proud to announce that Martina Obid Mlakar, Matej Štefanac, Nina Koželj, Manca Kemperl, Petra Brajak and Robert V. Bijelić are being featured at the 18th Design without Borders exhibition in Budapest, Hungary.

In 2022 the works of a total of 214 artists from 24 countries are exhibited. In addition to series-produced pieces, small-batch series of furniture and accessories, prototypes, andeven experimental pieces are included too. What’s more, visitors can also find one-offworks, object / material experiments and artworks on the borderline bet-ween design and fine art. Many invited artists deal with current social and ecological issues such as sustainability or social responsibility.

The selection includes the works of different generations, from university students in their twenties to career-starters, through defining, internationally recognized mid-generation artists to mature artists in their nineties.