Slovenian film Orchestra in Washington, D.C.

8. 12. - 8. 12. 2022

Washington, D.C., United States

You can attend the U.S. premiere of Orchestra (ORKESTER) at AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center in Washington, D.C. on 8th of December.

Brass music gone astray: a brass band from provincial Slovenia on a boisterous tour in Austria. Besides playing music, they mostly party, upholding the universal principle that alcohol is the best remedy for cultural and generational conflicts. But things refuse to go smoothly. The younger members of the band feel out of place in the presence of their elders, and between the hosts and guests, the inevitable culture clash seems to exist, after all…

Told in five stories, and reminiscent of the early films of Miloš Forman, Orchestra is a peculiarly charming black and white social comedy that reveals a probing eye for authentic detail and a biting sense of humour, resulting in a hilarious social satire.