StonerKras Fest: Omega Sun

20. 08. - 20. 08. 2022

Prosecco, Italy

StonerKras is a psychedelic music gathering based on stoner, doom and heavy psych music. The festival will have an international footprint but with the aim of enhancing the local heavy scene (both Slovenian and Italian) while attracting spectators from the region but also from neighboring countries.

Youth aggregation and cultural exchange accompanied by good music.

One of the performing acts is also a Slovenian band Omega Sun, stoner doomers, who were formed in 2013 as an instrumental duo, which after a few rehearsals transformed into a real four-piece band with a singer. This was followed by numerous gigs in Europe and the USA alongside smaller and bigger acts from the stoner scene. In 2017, the band’s debut album “Opium For The Masses” was released to a wave of positive reviews. During the two-year global pandemic, Omega Sun recorded their second album, which is still awaiting its official release.