Cultural heritage

The Folklore Material from Ter, Bardo, Italy

31. 07. - 31. 07. 2022

Bardo, Italy

You are invited to attend a book launch of the Folklore Material from Ter which was collected in 1940 in the villages of Ter, Breg, Podbardo, and Feiplan by an ethnologist (when he was still a student at the University of Padua), academic, passionate collector, and scholar of folk traditions Milko Matičetov. His collections remained largely unpublished until now.

The publication was edited by Barbara Ivančič Kutin, Rok Mrvič and Monika Kropej Telban, who also wrote the accompanying texts, published by the Institute of Slovene Ethnography ZRC SAZU. The book is enriched with recordings of handwritten notes, old photographs and illustrations by Luisa Tomasetig.

The event will be held on Sunday, 31 July, as part of the Expatriates’ Festival in Bardo (Lusevera) at 13:00.