Visual arts

Živa Drvaric, Maximilian Haja, Christina Huber, Kristina Lovaas, Johanna Käthe Michel, Martina Morger – Stretch

5. 06. - 23. 08. 2022

Munich, Germany

The demand for recognition, adaptation and self-optimization, at times appearing remote-controlled, is increasingly being called into question. The pandemic-related standstill revealed the stress and never- ending balancing act we all are subjected to. As individuals we find ourselves in a community suddenly shut down, yet still pressured by the expectation to perform. Stretch confronts the potential and danger of constant stretching and offers a moment of reflection before life moves on as before and we enter the “new normal.”

The six artists, with the Slovenian artist Živa Drvarič among them, presented investigate elements of stretching, bending, and distending. The exhibition title refers to the material as well as a sociocultural phenomenon that permeates our performance-oriented society. Not only physically, intellectually, socially, and artistically, but also in the pursuit of beauty and social ideals, we are prompted and prodded to stretch. Always associated with a mental, physical or technical exercise of strength, stretching is intended to achieve short or long-term results. However, damage can be caused in the process: while stretched material is quickly at the threshold of overstraining, the exercising force itself can reach its extreme stress limit.

The exhibition features a wide range of artistic practices, from painting, to printing techniques and ceramics, to textiles and steel sculptures. The works testify to physicality and focus on the human physique as a motif. The body appears as an apparatus that is not only flexible and strong, but also ephemeral and vulnerable.