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Brumnova nagrada

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Founded by

Brumen Foundation

Professor Peter Skalar, President

The Brumen Award is presented by the Brumen Foundation at the Brumen Biennial of Slovenian Design. The Brumen Award is granted to the best work in each individual category (approximately 20) of visual communication by the international jury, whose members are also presented at the International Design Event. In addition, the jury also awards an "Honorable Mention" in each category. The Brumen Grand Prix is granted to the best work of the Biennial.

The winner of the 1st Biennial was Slavimir Stojanović from Futro for the design of M'Ars, the former magazine of the Museum of Modern Art. For the second time the Brumen Grand Prix was awarded at the 4th Biennial for outstanding design which fulfils all the international criteria of excellence: the poster for Trnfest Festival 2009. The prestigious award went to the hands of the young creative group ZEK Crew. In 2011 the Grand Prix was bestoed to Aljaž Vindiš for the overall design of the Tribuna Magazine.

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