BaRock Festival



BaRock Festival

Mezgovci ob Pesnici 33, SI-2252 Dornava

Organised by

Društvo Vedomec



Festival dates

11.7.2014 - 18.7.2014
14.7.2015 - 18.7.2015

Stanislav Ciglar, Head of festival

BaRock Festival was launched in 2014 in the charming garden of one of the best preserved Baroque mansions in Slovenia, Dornava Mansion located north of the Dornava village in north-eastern Slovenia. Set outside the more populated urban area, the week-long festival relies a lot on the location and its ambiance. Its programme – typically presenting one concert a night – hosts a mostly Slovene line-up of various pop-oriented acts and an additional theatre show. The presented music is nevertheless very diverse, ranging just as the festival's slogan says, "from BaRock to Rock", that is, everything from opera, folk or jazz influenced artists to more rock-tinged groups.

The programme has featured artists such as the groups Orlek, Eroika and Dan D, and singers such as Oto Pestner, Adi Smolar, Severa Gjurin, Rudi Bučar, Nina Pušlar, Anika Horvat, etc.

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