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Proletarska 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana


386 (0) 1 520 0720


386 (0) 1 520 0728

Published by

Pro anima d.o.o.


10 issues per year

Irena Hlede, Editor


386 (0) 40 264 433

Klik Magazine was published up to 2014. See below the archival article.

Archival article

Since 1997 Klik Magazine (in the first year called Kreativni Klik) covers architecture, design, animation, visual and new media arts as well as digital media and computer software. Each of its ten annual issues has a focus on a specific topic (for example: artists and politics, innovation, mobility, e-housing, ergonomics, sustainability, plagiarism ...).

The magazine is published in Slovenian by Pro anima design company led by Irena Hlede, architect and designer, and is one of the rare examples of private publishing initiatives that fuses commercial content with contemporary arts.

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