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Sinkronics Crew

DJ Chili


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VJ Pec


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VJ Fane


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The crew disbanded some years ago.

Archival article

Following their appearance at Žalec in 2000 DJ Chili, VJ Pec and VJ Fane decided to establish a crew to promote alternative electronic music in the Celje region. Sinkronics Crew has since performed at the Kljub club in Celje and at Klub Channel Zero in Ljubljana and has also designed complex visualisation for Space Night at Hala Golovec, involving computer animation mixed with video recordings, visuals and real time camera. Sinkronics Crew has also organised several events, including Airbass (MCC-Celje), Drum&Bass&House party (Žalska noč), Step2 (MCC-Celje), The Break (Radenci) and Dance Hard (Portorož Auditorium).

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