Kino Otok Award



Nagrada Festivala Kino Otok

Manziolijev trg 5, SI-6310 Izola-Isola



Lorena Pavlič, Director

Otok Cultural Institute

Metelkova 6, SI-1000 Ljubljana


386 (0) 1 431 8008, (0) 1 431 8009

Mirela Šućur, Head of Public Relations


386 (0) 31 337 433

The Kino Otok Award is bestowed at the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema Festival. Only the festival's main section "Harvest" is competitive – since the festival does not have a proper jury, it is not a classical competitive festival. Traditionally 5 films are selected for the "Harvest" section and those then compete for the main audience award which means that the winning film is purchased for distribution in the Slovene Art Cinema Network. Some of the past winners of the festival are Saratan by Ernest Abdidzhaparov, Granny [Babusya] by Russian director Lidia Bobrova and Full or Empty by Iranian New Wave filmmaker Abolfazl Jalili.

The winning film is namely selected by calculating the average vote from all the votes for a single film (whoever buys a ticket can vote) and the film with the higher average vote is the winner.

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Nagrada Festivala Kino Otok +
Lorena Pavlič +
Otok Cultural Institute +
Mirela Šućur +
September, mid, 5 days +
annual +
Nagrada Festivala Kino Otok +
SI-6310 Izola-Isola +
Director +
Head of Public Relations +
Manziolijev trg 5 +
The Kino Otok Award is bestowed at the Kino Otok – Isola Cinema Festival. +
Izola-Isola +
SI-6310 +
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