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Schwentner Award

Dimičeva 13, SI-1504 Ljubljana


386 (0) 1 589 8337

Zdravko Kafol, Director

Bojan Švigelj, Board representative

The Schwentner Award has been given annually since 1985. It is conferred by the Chamber of Publishing and Bookselling for lifetime achievement in the field of publishing and book trading and for developing and facilitating reading culture at home and abroad. The ceremony takes place during the Slovene Book Fair. The award was named after Lavoslav Schwentner (1856–1952), the first contemporary Slovene publisher.

The recent winners are Stanka Golob (Trubar's Antiquariat) in 2017, Lojze Gostiša in 2016, Bedita Mlinar in 2015, Zdravko Duša in 2014, Jože Zupan in 2013, Iztok Ilich in 2012, and Marij Maver in 2011, Neda Pagon (2010), Miloš Mikeln (2009) and Aleš Berger in 2008, etc.

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