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Nagrada Piranesi

Obalne galerije Piran, Tartinijev trg 3, SI-6330 Piran-Pirano


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Majda Božeglav–Japelj, Co-ordinator


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Since 1989 the Piranesi Award is bestowed annually at the Piran Days of Architecture for the best architectural achievements. The international jury also confers two Piranesi Honorable Mentions as well as a Student Piranesi Award. All candidates are presented at the International Architectural Exhibition of realised architectonic works, shown at the civic gallery Piran City Gallery or the Monfort Exhibition Space.

The prestigious prize is named after Giovanni Battista Piranesi, the great Italian artist from 18th century whose family was connected to the coastal city of Piran, where the architectural conference Piran Days of Architecture takes place.


Every year the national selectors select five projects from their country (these being Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia) which compete for the Piranesi Award. The most important criterion for the selection is to have made a step forward in finding architectural solutions within a certain "milieu".

The jury consists of the participating lecturers of the international conference Piran Days of Architecture, co-organised by the Coastal Galleries and the DESSA Architecture Centre.

Piranesi Award

The International 2010 Piranesi Award was granted to Maruša Zorec and Matjaž Bolčina from Slovenia for the renovation of the Vetrinje Mansion in Maribor, which subsequently became the headquarters of the Maribor, European Capital of Culture 2012.

Recent Piranesi Award winners were Miha Klinar, Špela Kuhar, Blaž Medja, Uroš Pavasovič, and Robert Potokar from Slovenia (2004), Idis Turato & Saša Randić from Croatia (2005), Dean Lah & Milan TomacEnota Architects from Slovenia (2006), Studio Njirić+Arhitekti from Croatia (2007), Ján Studený and Martin Vojta from Slovakia (2008), deca ARCHITECTURE from Greece (2009), Marte.Marte Architekten and Bernardo Bader from Austria in 2011 and 2012, Modus, Sandy Attia, Matteo Scagnol from Italy (2013), Péter Gereben and Balázs Marián from Hungary (2014) and Dinko Peračić from Croatia (2015).

Piranesi Honorable Mention

The International 2009 Piranesi Honorable Mention went to Laura Peretti (Studio Insito) from Italy for the project Watermills Houses' renovation, and Andreas Cukrowicz and Anton Nachbaur–Sturm (Cukrowicz Nachbaur Architekten) from Austria for the project Community Center in St. Gerold. In 2010, the mention was bestowed upon STUDIO UP (Lea Pelivan and Toma Plejić) from Croatia for the project Hostel Golly & Bossy in Split.

Student Piranesi Award

In 2008 the international competition for the Piranesi Student's Honorable Mention took place for the first time.

From the 16 exhibited works by students from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana and faculties of architecture of Maribor, Trieste, Pescara, Zagreb, Split, Graz, and Vienna, the jury granted the International 2010 Piranesi Student's Honorable Mention to Ambrož Bartol for the project River bath in Podpeč under mentorship of Miloš Florijančič and Mitja Zorc from the Faculty of Architecture, University of Ljubljana, and to Suzana Lunic and Tina Busatto and their mentor Hrvoje Njirić from the Split Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture in Croatia for the project Algae Island at the Kastela Bay.

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Nagrada Piranesi +
+386 / 5 671 2090 +
Nagrada Piranesi +
SI-6330 Piran-Pirano +
Obalne galerije Piran, Tartinijev trg 3 +
Since 1989 the Piranesi Award is bestowed annually at the Piran Days of Architecture for the best architectural achievements. +
Since 1989 the Piranesi Award is bestowed annually at the Piran Days of Architecture for the best architectural achievements. +
+386 / 5 671 2080 +
Piran-Pirano +
SI-6330 +
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