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Launched in December 2004 by the Domestic Research Society, Razvezani jezik [The Unleashed Tongue] is the first user-generated online dictionary of spoken Slovenian language. It has remained open to contributions for 15 years. A web project created with Wiki technology, it permitted easy editing of articles in the dictionary and allowed every visitor to add new entries freely. It quickly gained popularity and was labelled "the most entertaining Slovenian dictionary" by the media. The anonymous users contributed slang, neologisms and similar words and phrases from all Slovene regions and belonged to different generations and subcultures.


The online form for contributions was not structured therefore the entries followed the logic of the writer. The publisher decided to offer the selected contents in a book format from time to time. The e-brochure from 2006 was followed by Razvezani jezik printed dictionary in 2007. It brought some 10 % of the content, illustrated by Vasja Lebarič in a folk-punk style. To mark the 10th anniversary of the project, Kaja Dolar and Inge Pangos selected and edited a thematic Razvezani jezik XXXY dictionary, dedicated to the topic of gender, sex and sexuality. It was designed by Ajdin Bašić, illustrated by Anna Ehrlemark and printed in 2014.

Archiving of the dictionary

In 2019 the publisher decided to close down the crowdsourcing function and to archive its content in several ways. The physical and digital archive of the whole project was donated to the NUK Manuscript Collection and Early Printed Collection and to the Computer Museum. Its database was included in the CLARIN.SI (Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure) certified repository. The dictionary has remained online as read only website.

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